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Danice Cabanela (she/her) is an actor, producer and community advocate born in the Philippines and raised in San Antonio, TX. She began her acting career in Minneapolis where she attended the U of M/Guthrie BFA Actor Training Program. She is classically trained from the Guthrie Theater as well as Shakespeare's Globe, London, and is a co-founder of Filipinx Actors Barkada, an all-Filipinx artist group with members across the U.S. and Canada. Over the pandemic, she also co-founded APA Artists for Change that aims to connect, educate, and galvanize artists toward higher civic engagement to take action on local and national levels. Danice is a passionate advocate for mental health + wellness, yoga, social justice,  and doing what we can in a society that often seems insurmountable.


Danice has an affinity for indie filmmaking, damn good popcorn, animals and RuPaul's Drag Race. She is currently based in

Los Angeles, CA.



theatrical reel
action reel
'frigo' - "cheese horse" commercial
commercial reel
'bonnie' highlight reel - adventure beast (netflix)
petsmart x doordash commercial
'forget me nots' teaser trailer


Commercial Reel
Animation Reel
Audiobook Narration Sample
Singing Sample 1
Singing Sample 2
What People Are Saying

"I always knew how professional you were, you're always in a great mood, always giving and caring as an actor, but I had no idea the depth of your talent which is... unbelievable. You could go anywhere.

You're like a star in the making."

- Paulette Lifton, Co-Owner of Voice Masters

what people are saying

"Debut audiobook narrator Cabanela's expressive performance imbues Lila's first-person point of view with energy

and humor ...Twenty-somethings' banter, aunties' gossip, and Lila's highs and lows are all effortlessly conveyed.

Cabanela shines when narrating Lila's lively family interactions, skillfully varying inflections, intonations, and speech patterns to voice the many characters, infusing each with a distinct personality. This promising start to a new series will delight cozy mystery and foodie enthusiasts, and the solid voice performance will leave audio fans anticipating what Cabanela serves up next."

- Maria del Carmen Cifuentes, 'Booklist'

"How much longer are

you gonna give this?"

- my mom

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